A Love Letter,

From the desk of Marsha Amanova

September 2021


How was your September? I blinked and it was gone, so there's that. I'm not sure if my issues with time are more age-related or COVID-related, but whatever it is, I feel like the earth has been spinning much faster than it used to. Hours, days and weeks just disappear.

Which is why I'm so glad I started this monthly ritual. There's something about sitting down to look back over the past month that I have been finding really helpful. I started this thing with the desire to "share some of the things that are bringing me joy," and I've found that more challenging lately. So, thank you for being out there, on the other end of these missives.

Some of the best news I got this month was that my dear friend, Wade, who lives in Australia now, has decided to start a newsletter of his own (check it out! The first edition dropped today and has adorable puppy pics). It's an honour to be considered an inspiration to someone who inspires me so much. Mutual appreciation society!


Our new flat is also pretty delightful. I've never lived so close to the water before, and I am thrilled. We walk on the beach and boardwalk every day, and while I know it won't be quite so pleasant once winter arrives, I'm enjoying the heck out of it now.
Home Sweet Home
home sweet home
Our Backyard
backyard of dreams
the view
the view


That's another source of joy for me these days. If I'm feeling particularly down or overwhelmed, getting outside always helps. And we've been exploring some of the surrounding area a bit more as well. Yesterday we drove out to Wallace and tried a couple of walking trails. One was too wet and muddy to go far, but the other was delightful - so many mushrooms!
Last week we walked out to a waterfall in the Wentworth valley, and the week before we went up to Cape George. That trip also included a visit to the distillery that makes my favorite gin (and cocktails with a view). I know how fortunate I am to live near so many amazing places. We’re making an effort to get out and see more!
annandale falls
cape george
steinhart gin cocktails


We had a wonderful excuse to practice playing some new songs with my dad this month. My Aunt is working for a group home and asked us to l come out and play live music at a gathering for the residents. Our first gig! It was a lot of fun, and we even got some sing-alonging and dancing.
two plus one
I'm looking forward to October. I'm a fall fan! How are the changing seasons affecting you? I hope you are finding things to make you smile and appreciate this wild ride we find ourselves on. Hit reply and let me know! I love hearing from you.

Until next month, I'm Marsha Amanova and I love 🥰
my mom made us do this
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