A Love Letter,

From the desk of Marsha Amanova

November 2021

Hello, friend.

It's almost December. Another year, almost gone. Poof!

I tend not to do anything Christmas-y until at least December 1, and this year is no different, but I feel like I'm a bit behind - so many people have already gone full out! I really enjoy the lights and look forward to hanging some in our front window that looks out onto the main street here in Pugwash. We'll have a tree at mom and dad's. Other than that, I expect it will be another simple, quiet holiday this year.

The weather has turned. It's mostly been that cold November rain, but this week we've had some big fluffy wet snow as well. So far it's melting on its own, but I know it'll start to stick soon. Winter is coming.

The change in weather means we've been sticking close to home and not always getting out for our daily constitutional. Which means I've been taking fewer photos and have less to share. But it also means that there are lots of cozy times and comfort food!

Actually, we did get down to Halifax at the beginning of the month. We wanted to re-visit the new cider bar (Sourwood) we discovered this summer. On Thursday nights their house band plays live Bluegrass. It was incredible! Also completely strange being in a relatively small room with a whole lot of strangers, unmasked (all fully vaccinated). It was a very stimulating evening of good food and drinks, fantastic music and entertaining conversation with our neighbouring table. It has been at least a couple of years since we've done anything like it.

We were also invited to a small dinner party with some of the local artists I know from various website work I've done over the last couple of years, and that was a lot of fun too. And we've become friends with our "landlords" - the couple who bought the property we rent our flat in - and they invited us to a gathering (in a private basement bar in one of his other properties where some of the tenants brew beer!) in Truro last weekend. So I guess we have been upping our social game this month.
In other news: We are now the proud hosts of an Airbnb! You may recall that when we first moved out here (4 years ago this week!) we were dreaming of running a B&B, but it was never meant to be (all for the best, definitely). And yet... the seed of the idea is still appealing. So, when our new friends asked us if we would be interested in managing/hosting an Airbnb in the top floor apartment of our building we jumped on it. YES!

It's not an ideal time to be hosting travellers in our area (not much tourism here outside of the summer months), and COVID has certainly put a damper on holiday rentals, but we're going for it anyway. It's certainly kept us busy this month getting it all together. Check it out!
IWhat plans do you have for the holidays this year? What are you most looking forward to in December? I'd love to hear about it. Send me a quick message and let me know how you're doing!

Until next month, I'm Marsha Amanova and I love 🥰
Halifax Harbour with Weird Harbour Coffee
Halifax Harbour with Weird Harbour coffee (our favourite)
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