A Love Letter,

From the desk of Marsha Amanova

March 2021

Hello, you!

March has been pretty crazy over here, and I wasn't even sure I'd manage to get this letter written and sent, but here I am. I hope you are well!

I celebrated my 46th trip around the sun on the 19th. Aldon made me a fantastic meal, and we had quiet evening at home, which was exactly what I wanted.

I was offered a gig with a group at Mount Allison University here in Sackville, to work on and help organize a student-community "Work Integrated Learning" project. It's not really in my wheelhouse (so it's been stressful), but it's interesting work and pays well, so I've been doing the best I can with it. I expect it will keep me pretty busy until the end of April.
Birthday Jambalaya
Birthday Jambalya (vegan sausage, tofu and scallops)


The onslaught of spring has kept me indoors more than I'd like.

Although we have had some nice spring weather, we've also had a lot of wind, rain and more snow. Typical, but combine that with my hectic schedule and it meant that I missed more than a few of my daily walks.

The good news is that the birds are making their way back and I'm enjoying watching and listening to their springtime songs. There is one particular bird out here (pretty sure it's a Grackle) that sounds like an old swing. I recorded it the other day, wanna hear it?


My Noise

I've needed some extra help to stay focused while working (and to calm down at the end of the day) and myNoise is amazing. I can't believe that it is free and there are no ads, so I've happily donated, but it's not required.

The number of available soundscapes and possible settings is overwhelming, but I like almost all of them. The sound quality is excellent. A couple of my go-tos are Japanese Garden and Night Blue.



So good. I usually enjoy the Marvel stuff, but this is really excellent storytelling. Fun and interesting, even if you've never heard of these characters.



This is my favourite board game. We borrowed a copy of the base game from a friend last year, played it a lot and finally purchased our own copy (plus the European expansion) last fall. It's still in regular rotation on our kitchen table, and our besties also have the Oceanic expansion (delightful!) which we have combined a few times for super awesome fun bird game times.

My love bought me the Steam (online) version a few weeks ago, and I'm loving it too. I miss the extra gameplay from the expansions, but when I need to calm down and find some peace I love to grab my laptop, put on my headphones and "play birds."
Well, that's it for March. I am missing my days of leisure, browsing and creating for fun! Maybe you found some interesting things you want to share with me? Please do!

I'm Marsha Amanova and I love 🥰
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