A Love Letter,

From the desk of Marsha Amanova

May 2021

Hello, you!

I find myself wondering where May went. What a whirlwind! How have you been?

So, right around the time I was sending my last letter, we got a call from the people who own the house we rent in Sackville (a lovely woman in her 80s who now lives with her son, daughter-in-law and two great-grandchildren not too far away). They decided the time was right to list/sell this house, and they weren't wrong (real estate is BOOMING). An understandable decision, but...

Oh no, what are we gonna do?!

First we mourned: we had fully intended to stay here for at least another year and suddenly that isn't an option. Noooooo! We love this little house (but not enough to try to buy it). And we adore Sackville (and our friends here), but... something also felt right about it, like maybe the time for hunkering down is over, and maybe it's time to move on to the next thing?

Well, we don't quite know what that next thing is yet, but trust that all will be well. Once we decided to embrace the change, we got excited! Aldon and I both have a knack for starting over, for figuring it out, for being open to new opportunities. It's what we did when we moved out here in the first place! So we are embracing that attitude and moving forward with our senses tuned to new possibilities and a new adventure together.

The house sold in a week, possession date is July 15, so I guess we'll have more news... soon?

Have there been any big/unexpected changes for you lately?


It's Spring!

I'm always going on about my love for the Sackville Waterfowl Park, and spring is my favourite time here. The changes come fast and furious and there's something new to see every day. We saw the first ducklings last week, the green is really popping and the blossoms are beginning to sweeten the air.
SWF Park May 2021

Fundy National Park

We are really fortunate to live within an hour and a half of two national parks. We planned a sweet little day trip to Fundy last week, to try out a couple of hikes. We took the scenic route, brought our own lunch and snacks and had a lovely day with two 4-5 km hikes and a 1km walk out to the coast and a covered bridge. The weather was cool, but sunny and dry: perfect for hiking!
Fundy May 2021


I used to collect books, until I started travelling, downsizing, packing and moving. Then I discovered how much space books require and how heavy they are! Now I mainly read e-books, and I sold and gave away almost all of my books long ago, but there's one book that I've kept for nearly 25 years, packing and moving it countless times, and I'VE NEVER READ IT. Until now.
The Artist's Way from Aunt Lorraine

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

My beloved Aunt Lorraine, my mom's oldest sister, who passed away a number of years ago, gave me this book for my 22nd birthday. I've tried to get into it a few times over the years, and I even managed to start writing "morning pages" a few years ago (which is now a well-maintained habit), but I always resisted following the course. Maybe it was the spirituality, maybe I just wasn't ready to accept myself as an artist. Whatever was holding me back seems to have mostly gotten out of my way, and I'm slowly and joyfully digging into this and discovering/uncovering/recovering. It's not easy work, but it's been rewarding.


Summer Shakespeare 😥

Last month I shared my happy news about playing Titania in A Midsummer Nights Dream in August, but with all of the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming move, I decided it would be best to give up the role before we got into rehearsals. *sigh*



I am so thrilled every time I see a bird at our feeders. I love these little cuties so much. They are amazing creatures!
Hummingbird in May
We're serving up 1/4 cup sugar + 1 cup water at Bistro BrewNova
What's going on with you? What have you been loving lately? Hit reply and let me know! I love hearing from you.

I'm Marsha Amanova and I love 🥰
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