A Love Letter,

From the desk of Marsha Amanova

June 2021


Summer has arrived, and I hope you are finding ways to stay cool and enjoy it!

While we had a false start last week (border and political shenanigans), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are now officially back in the bubble and we should be able to freely cross the border again🤞. Which means we'll be able to get out to see my folks sooner rather than later! We're pretty excited to see the family again.

Although, we will be seeing a lot of each other soon, since Aldon and I haven't found a new place to live yet, and my parents are kindly letting us come and stay with them in the short term until we figure out where to next.

Other than that, I don't really have any news about our future. I am expecting some fun and adventure this summer, but everything beyond that is still a mystery.


Daily walks in the Waterfowl Park continue, with the added tinge of knowing that soon we won't be able to do it very often, and savouring every moment. June is when the lupins arrive!
June Flowers in Sackville Waterfowl Park
We also went out to Kouchibouguac National Park for a day trip earlier in the month. It was a really hot day so we thought it would be great to go to the beach. Well, it was a fun trip, we did one hike and then headed to Kelly's beach, but we couldn't stay long. It was WAY TOO HOT.
Kouchibouguac June 2021


Are you vaccinated yet? Aldon and I got our first shots in May, and we're getting our second doses tomorrow. I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care of each other.


I haven't been reading much (and am still working through The Artist's Way), but I really enjoyed The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It's not very long, but I found it really impactful, and it marries my love of philosophy with fantasy/sci-fi.

And there are some real gems in this article by one of The Minimalists: 40 Life Lessons from 40 Years.


I was inspired by nature to write a few blog posts this month:

1. Dandelions

2. Stolen Lilacs

3. Swallows on the Boardwalk (with video)

Do you have any fun plans for this summer? What have you been noticing and/or thinking about lately? Hit reply and let me know! I love hearing from you.

Until next month, I'm Marsha Amanova and I love 🥰
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