by | Feb 3, 2020

Sometimes it seems to me that you can’t throw a rock without hitting a Coach.

Personal coach, Life coach, career coach, whatever, you know what I’m talking about. For some reason people are willing to trust that anyone who has gone out and achieved something for themselves can teach them how to do it.

Sure, charisma goes a long way here too, and the field is full of outgoing, well spoken, intelligent and attractive people, which makes sense because these folks are already at an advantage for traditional success.

I know it may sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m mostly just observing. Maybe complaining a bit.

I don’t have a problem with someone choosing to pay another person to help them get better at something. It’s your time and money, spend it how you choose.

And I don’t even have a problem with self-proclaimed “experts” declaring themselves coaches in order to sell their brand of advice.

Maybe I’m just a DIYer at heart. Or stubborn?

Either way, I’ve been looking around at other people my whole life, trying to figure it out. And I’m pretty sure no one really knows.

So I’m just going to keep fumbling around, trying out new things until something clicks. Or doesn’t. I have this suspicion that the secret might be hidden in the trying, the experimentation, the testing, wondering, wandering.

And no, that is not meant as advice.