Fuck SEO

by | May 24, 2019

I’m such a dummy sometimes. I find myself doing things I’m supposed to do, and then when I take a minute to examine my actions I realize that I am doing something I should with no real reason to do so.

When will I learn to stop trying to do things the right way? I’m not actually interested in being like everyone else, so why do I keep falling into these traps?

This blog doesn’t need to be optimized. I have no reason to care about SEO. I am just a person writing silly words on my personal blog, and I’m OK with that. I’m not hiding, but I’m also not trying to be discovered.

If anything I’m using this practice to become more myself. To get better at expressing my thoughts and ideas in my own way. Trying to squeeze my writing/thoughts into a certain format in order to be more searchable is completely beside the point! I find it difficult enough to write at all, so why would I try to put more challenges in my way?

The fact is, I’m not really making this for anyone else. I don’t have answers for people. I have ideas, but who doesn’t? I’m not here to say my thoughts are better, more valid or more interesting than anyone else’s. They’re barely interesting to me! I’m far more interested in what other people are thinking most of the time.

My writing here isn’t about being discovered. It’s about getting the thoughts out of my head and into words. That’s it. No lofty goals here. I’m just trying to express myself. If someone happens to read it and decides they have something to add or ask or answer, that’s awesome, but I don’t need or want to go looking for that. Comments are open and appreciated, but unnecessary.

I am interested in the craft of writing, but this blog as it currently exists is a practice. A challenge for me to spend some time each week to exorcise some of the stuff in my head and let it go. Out into the world. Unoptimized.