Hallowe’en Killjoy

by | Oct 31, 2018

I don’t really have anything against All Hallows’ Eve, I just can’t get into it anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m a crotchety old lady and don’t have kids. Maybe it’s because I have serious issues with the consumption of vast quantities of overly-packaged, mass-produced, poor-quality junk food (i.e. “treats”). Wait, maybe I do have something against Halloween…

It’s fun to dress up, but I don’t really enjoy parties. I hate spending money on plastic junk and things I don’t need like costumes, make-up and decorations.

We live in a house on a quiet street in a nice small town. Most of our neighbours have decorated their yards and houses for the occasion, and I’m pretty sure there will be kids out trick-or-treating on this block tonight.

I even caved last week and bought some candy to hand out in case they do come to the door. But I’m secretly hoping they won’t. I might even hide in the basement with the lights out and eat the candy myself (bad idea). Or maybe I’ll send it to work with Bee tomorrow (much better idea).

I don’t know why I feel bad about not wanting to participate in these so-called traditions, but I do.

UPDATE November 1, 2018

Guess what? I was worried about nothing (no surprise there)! I was ready with candy and loonies, I even dressed all in black (not difficult, considering my wardrobe), and although I didn’t exactly make the place inviting, I did not hide the fact that I was home. And… nothing.

Umm… Marsha? It’s not 1988. Parents don’t send their children out to run the roads and bother strangers, not even on Hallowe’en. You just moved here, you don’t know anyone with children, your house isn’t decorated and your outside lights don’t work. Not appealing to trick-or-treaters. If kids around here even do that anymore. After all, it’s not 1988.

So, once again, a tale of me overthinking something and getting anxious for no reason. Will I ever learn?