by | Apr 28, 2012

This post was imported from an old blog I used to have.

I recently had an intense experience where I met someone who saw right through my facade and into my head and heart.

He told me things about myself that were true, things I didn’t want to admit were true, but things I could not deny. He told me things I needed to hear.

He hardly knew me, and yet he could read me like a book. Understood me better than some people who have “known” me for years. He reminded me who I really am, the one I don’t share with many others, the one I’ve been hiding deep inside. It’s been so long since anyone had acknowledged her that I almost forgot she was in there.

It was surreal. It was super-real. It was exhilarating and scary and awesome. It made me feel alive.

He re-kindled the spark in me. The one that had almost gone out, but still burned deep in my heart. The one I have been protecting because I was afraid if I exposed it to the world it would be doused and I’d lose it forever.

He made me understand that letting it out and sharing it with others is the only way that it will grow and burn brighter. I had to stop hoarding and protecting and open up.

He looked at me, into me, and saw me. He wasn’t afraid, although I was. He cradled my head and my heart in his hands and coaxed me out of my hardened shell, held me until I stopped shaking, and then set me free.

It was unselfish and honest and real. I don’t know how to express my gratitude except by living.

So here I am.