Little Love Poems

by | Feb 14, 2020

I/we don’t really do Valentine’s Day. There’s not much point when you celebrate your love every day. Yes, I know. Puke.

Five or six years ago, in the early days of love, a friend put out a request for “little love poems.” He thought he might publish a collection.

So I challenged myself. I submitted ten tiny poems.

Nothing came of the project, and I stumbled across them this week. How fortuitous!

Here are three of my favourites:

Every time I toss my keys down to you 
from my balcony
I feel like your Juliet.
Except we know how to live.
Remember when I learned morse code so I could tap secrets on your skin?
•• / •-•• --- •••-• • / -•-- --- --•
You are my summer storm.
When darkness falls you
come on hot and heavy
   thrill me
          drench me
                 leave me shiny
 then rumble off into the distance.
 I am made new by you.