by | Feb 1, 2020

January is over! It was a tough one. I don’t like winter very much.

I woke up on the first of the month and got it into my head that I would challenge myself to abstain from alcohol for the entire month.

To be honest, I haven’t gone that long without a drink since… well, probably since I was 18.

And I did it! It wasn’t too difficult, but I stuck to it, and I’m planning to celebrate with Bailey’s in my coffee this morning.

I hoped that I would learn something from this experiment, but I’m not sure I have. I guess I figured out that I am perfectly capable of going without alcohol, but I also learned that I really do enjoy having a drink or two in the evenings. And it definitely helps me navigate social situations.

I was also a bit more of a hermit in January than I usually am, but that may have had more to do with the winter blues than the lack of booze, but who knows, maybe they are intertwined.

I also decided that since I was removing something from my life every day, that I would also try adding something daily. I signed up for Yoga With Adriene’s 30-day yoga challenge HOME and I loved it! So much so that I’m planning to keep going with her free monthly yoga calendar.

I already had a routine of morning yoga-ish stretches, but landing on the mat each morning in January with a dedicated video gave me an intention that I didn’t have before, and I look forward to continuing that practice.