Total Eclipse of the Supermoon

by | Sep 28, 2015

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forever’s gonna start tonight

Last night we sat on the deck. It was chilly and windy, but not cold. We lit a fire in the Mexican chiminea. Mom toasted marshmallows and we made s’mores with caramilk bar and graham wafers. Dad popped popcorn for the main event: the lunar eclipse. Not exactly action packed, but better than most movies. We watched the Supermoon rise over the trees after dinner. Aldon fiddled with the high-tech gadget that is my father’s telescope (that he never uses). We chatted and laughed and pointed out every slight change in the sky. We passed a set of binoculars back and forth. We worried that the trees might block the view of the main event. We sat out on the deck lit only by the bright, bright moon and the orange-red mouth of the chiminea and enjoyed a shared experience, a celestial opportunity for family bonding.