Walterdale Wisdom

by | Feb 8, 2020

Someone from Walterdale Theatre once told me, “every performance is an audition for your next show.”

It’s always stuck with me. It’s simple and obvious and maybe that makes it feel profound.

I don’t remember who said it; I know that I’ve repeated it to others. Perhaps it’s one of those self-propagating truisms that doesn’t really need attribution, but it feels right to credit the wonderful Walterdale Community.

Well, today I have evidence of the truth that I always believed it to be.

I received an email from a woman I’ve never met who saw the railroad show I did in the fall. She said she really enjoyed my performance and reached out to one of my fellow cast members for my contact information to inquire whether I might be interested in taking on a role in the one-act play she has written for the new works festival this summer.

Do your best in all things. You never know who might be watching!