Wrapping the Present

by | Dec 28, 2019

There’s something about the end of the year that gets me thinking about the past, planning for the future and trying to enjoy the present.

This year, I collected memories and photos from the past 12 months and made a Christmas letter, harkening back to the updates people used to send in their annual holiday greeting cards, updating friends and family with the big and small events of the year.

I used to love reading these, and I even created a few of my own back in the day. But those were different times.

The ubiquity of social media means that many families share their events as they are happening. As long as you are “friends” or subscribed to their updates, their news is fed to you in a steady stream.

I’ve had to opt out of this steady stream of information. It was too much for me to handle. But it doesn’t mean I don’t care about the people in my life who I don’t get to see or speak to regularly. And so, this year I made an attempt to reach out, say hello, let people know I’m thinking of them and share some of my news.

It was also a great exercise for me to go over the events of the past twelve months, review the photos I took (not nearly enough!), and think about what I wanted to share.

Which has led to me wanting to write more and make more things. Not just so that I can share them, but so I become more aware of my life, and of the ideas and events that are shaping me. And to increase my creative output on a regular basis.