C’est le Way

by | Feb 25, 2021

Some people wanna fill the world
With silly love songs
And what’s wrong with that?

Paul McCartney


2019: learn to play ukulele
2020: learn to play guitar
2021: learn to write songs

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C’est Le Way by Marsha Amanova

My first song! It’s simple and silly, but I made it, and I’m pretty proud of that.

This is just an iPhone recording, nothing fancy, but I wanted to share it. I hope it makes you smile. ?

C’est Le Way

by Marsha Amanova

I know it might sound sappy
I can’t help but feel happy
Whenever I am close to you

We adventure together
Sit quietly and do whatever
That’s how I know our love is true

Don’t need no Valentine’s Day
To say what I want to say
I Love You
Mon amour, all the ways
...C’est le way.

We’re a team, that’s effing awesome
We work together on problems
Pick each other up when we’re feeling blue

You tuck me in at bedtime
That’s how I know you are mine
And you know that I am yours too

I choose you every day
When I feel it I gotta say it
Je t’aime beaucoup
Even more than yesterday
... C’est le way.

I’m so glad we found each other
You’re my best friend and lover
I fell for you watching Doctor Who

Now we’re partners in love and life
Planning what’s for dinner tonight
Let’s start with wine and a corkscrew

We’ve made it to today
And there’s still so much to say
I love you
All ways
Allons-y... C’est le way


  1. Cute song ? keep it up.
    How ever I think you’ve been i N B too long
    And starting to be French lol.
    Love you uncle Clyde..
    Sorry for all caps

  2. always so proud of you, you continue to work & dream & be open to so many opportunities. Impressed with the song & hope it is just the first of many, you have always been so good at using your words. Thanks for sharing, FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

  3. Oh wow.. that’s beautiful ❤️

  4. Oh friend. It’s lovely! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.


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