by | Jun 1, 2021

I’ve been paying extra attention to dandelions over the last few weeks. They are so damn cheerful! I especially love the period in early spring where they are all still yellow, bright pompom pops of sunshine from every green space.

As spring progresses, their growth cycle becomes more apparent: first those bright and cheerful bursts of colour, then the transition to those wispy puffs of white and grey. Who has never blown on a dandelion puff, like a birthday candle, making a wish and helping the seeds spread far and wide?

Compare the ground to the sky above. Bright yellow flowers form dandelion constellations, then become light and wispy floating clouds on a background of brilliant green.

I’ve been admiring them for weeks. And then, on our walk yesterday, I finally wondered how it is that they make that transition from one state to the other. Aldon and I talked about it, picked a few to examine, and mused on it.

When I returned home I visited the oracle of google to uncover more information. I searched for time-lapse dandelion and found this gem:

Which then led me to this delight:

Don’t you just love dandelions?