Make a Habit of Showing Up

by | Apr 13, 2019

You* can’t play if you don’t show up. And you won’t get better if you don’t practice.

First: show up. Be there. Commit. I will show up every week. Make it a habit. Make it obvious. Make it easy.

Log in. Write a few words. Are they dumb? Who cares. You did it. You attended.

You can’t depend on inspiration. You can’t rely on your mood. These things don’t always show up. But you can.

Be dependable. Be reliable. Be accountable. To yourself.

You will feel better. You will get better. You will be better.

But don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t expect to be better than you are and risk not showing up because you are afraid you’re not good enough.

You might not be good enough. That doesn’t matter.

What matters is showing up and trying to make/do/be good. That’s enough.

Show up. Work hard. Accept what you make and let it go.

Do it again next week. And the week after. Keep showing up. Keep doing it.

Keep playing.

*In case it isn’t obvious. You = Me



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