Two +1 Debuts at Bordertown Jam

by | Apr 8, 2022

On Wednesday April 6, 2022, two years and two months after I performed at my first ever open mic (and about a month before COVID cancelled even the idea of an open mic), my dad (Murray), Aldon and I got up on stage for a 6-song set at the mall in Amherst, Nova Scotia for the Bordertown Jam.

We’ve been playing music together since Aldon and I moved back to Nova Scotia in July. We’re heavily influenced by my dad’s love of old country (and our growing appreciation for it), and we all felt ready to try it out in front of an audience, and it was really fun!

Mom came along to cheer us on, and the audience was welcoming and kind. Although there was definitely some nervousness at play, we had a blast! The good folks at the jam recorded some videos to post on their Facebook page. While I can’t bring myself to actually use FB, I’ll embed (nope, stupid FB no longer allows embeds?!) link to the videos below.

The exciting news is that the organizers were impressed enough to offer us a spot on their Saturday afternoon musician series (!!!), so now we’ve got an official gig (dates TBA)! We’re calling our trio Two +1 and I’m pumped to have something to work toward this summer.

Bad Moon Rising

Walk the Way the Wind Blows

Blue Kentucky Girl

Flowers on the Wall

Back Home Again