Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

by | Dec 24, 2021

… if the fates (and COVID) allow!

2021 is almost over, and what a blur it was! A year of rolling with the punches, keeping us on our toes and counting our blessings. I expect nothing less from 2022.

I would love to write a lovely long Christmas message to share with you again this year (see letters from 2020 & 2019 if you missed them), but in the spirit of slowing down, letting go, lowering expectations and making the most of the season with the friends and family we have near (while loving and missing those dear ones who aren’t), I’m going to keep this short, sweet and stress-free (for me).

If you haven’t been keeping up with my monthly love letter (subscribe here), allow me to briefly summarize for you (with links to the original messages).

In January we took it pretty slow, knowing winter was going to go on for awhile. I started getting more serious about playing guitar.

February was cold and quiet. I spent a lot of time reading and I wrote a silly little love song!

March was my second pandemic birthday, and I got a short term (but well paying) gig with Mt. Allison University in Sackville that kept me busy.

April started to lighten up, and while we still couldn’t cross the border into Nova Scotia, we made the best of it. I was asked to play the role of Titania in summer production of A Midsummer Nights’ Dream!

In May we found out the owners had decided to sell our lovely little rental house in Sackville, NB. Nooooo! Of course that blew up our plans for the rest of the year (including the summer Shakespeare play).

In June, the border between NS & NB was still closed and we really had no clue where we were going to live, but we were optimistic that it would all work out. The house sold right away (posession mid-July) so we started packing up (and giving away) our belongings, Aldon left his job at Cannabis NB and we prepared to go stay with mom and dad in Nova Scotia until we could sort out our next step.

July was tough, but mom and dad were so great about having us stay with them at the beach, and I started working on another web project with Pugwash Farmers’ Market, so work kept me busy and the summer flew by. We also started playing music with my dad!

August was a blur, but we found a place to live!

We moved and got settled into our Pugwash flat in September, right on the water. My aunt got us (me, Aldon and my dad) a music gig, which was a blast.

I love October in the maritimes, and we enjoyed the cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage. Aldon got a tick bite!

In November we launched an Airbnb rental in our building! Our landlords/friends asked us if we would manage it for them, and it’s a pretty sweet suite. It hasn’t been busy yet, but we’re hoping to get lots of bookings for next summer.

And here we are in December. It’s Christmas tomorrow. I’m giving myself the gift of time off, so I’ve been winding down work and enjoying the season. We’re so grateful to get to spend the holiday with family and friends, and that is my wish for you as well.

What are you doing New Years’ Eve?

I got this idea the other day, so we’re going to try it out. Aldon and I will be hosting a short (20-22 minute) New Years’ Eve dance party on Zoom at midnight Atlantic time (11PM Eastern, 9PM Mountain etc.) and you are invited! We are hoping that since so many of our people are in different time zones, you might be able to join us without disrupting your own new year celebration. This will be a very casual thing. No RSVP required, just click this link to join: [party over; link removed]

Come as you are, whether PJs or fancy dress. You don’t even have to turn on your camera if you don’t want to. Aldon will DJ, we will dance like no one is watching and welcome 2022 with a little FUN. We hope you’ll be able to join us.

Until then,

Love from both of us to you and yours. Wishing you health and happiness, joy and peace.

Marsha Amanova & Aldon Brewer (BrewNova) XOXO

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  1. Just finished reading your post, didn’t know there was a link I could click on for the zoom dance, ?. Loved your videos & good writing. My heart is full ❤️❤️ You two