Love Letter March 2023

by | Mar 31, 2023

Spring is here and the ice is breaking up. Although I think we may have got more snow in March than any other month this year so far…

I’m busy and tired, but satisfied. It’s been a good month.

Everything is good. The jobs are all good. Home is good. We are good.

I celebrated 4-dozen trips around the sun this month! I’m not much for birthday parties, per se, but Aldon and I did take a lovely trip to Tatamagouche to celebrate. We walked on the trail, hit up TataBrew for beer and bought a few treats. Then we came home and made homemade lasagna from scratch. Fresh pasta! Sauce! Yum!

Honestly, I don’t have much else to share. We stayed out too late having drinks with some friends. We watched some tv. I read some books. We soaked in the hot tub. BO-RING! You may exclaim, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but that’s just fine with me. I love my boring life.

I loved Brandi Carlile’s memoir Broken Horses and then recommended it to Aldon. He enjoyed it too. I first saw her play at Edmonton Folk Fest in… 2010, I think? and she won my heart (along with most of the hill – they even had her back the following year). I haven’t been keeping up with her career since then, but she’s been killing it. Some might even consider her one of the forces behind Joni Mitchell’s return to the stage ?

VenCo by Métis author Cherie Dimaline was a lot of fun. I loved this description I read on Goodreads: “Have you ever wanted to read a book reminiscent of The Golden Girls, but it’s a witchy scavenger hunt around the country for magical spoons? If yes (because clearly the answer is yes), get this book immediately!” ?

OK I’d like to go start my weekend now (rest is important!), so I’m signing off. I hope you are finding plenty of joy in your life, whether it’s busy and boring like mine, or quiet or crazy or whatever. You’ve only got the one, so make it your own. XO