Love Letter October 2022

by | Oct 30, 2022

I love autumn. It’s time to shift into coziness. I’ve done a lot of knitting this month. And reading. So many of my favourite things involve getting comfortable, so I’m going to imagine you reading this love letter snugged up with a pillow and blanket. Maybe you’re wearing pj’s or hand-knit socks? Perhaps you’ve poured yourself a cup of something warm, and and the steam meets the glow of the screen as it lights up the smile on your face…

My favourite hot drink these days is just a cinnamon stick steeped in hot water. We bought a big jug of local apple cider at Masstown Market this week, and I’m planning to muddle up some cider and spices this afternoon while I roast a sugar pumpkin for puree. Aldon has a delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe, and the home-roasted version of pumpkin is far superior to canned, AND it comes with seeds that I’m looking forward to snacking on.

We took a mini road trip to Woodstock, New Brunswick on the first weekend of the month. A friend of ours from Edmonton was getting married in the maritimes, so we hopped in the car and went on an adventure. The weather was gorgeous, and autumn leaves were still on the trees (NB wasn’t hit too badly by the hurricane): perfect for driving, sitting on the patio at a couple of breweries, and walking on trails. I was in heaven taking photos of all the many varieties of mushrooms we found on our rambles. Aldon was patient. October is good for mushrooms out here.

The wedding was lovely, but I took ZERO photos. I have no excuse. Though they asked for no cameras in the church, “so we could be present with the couple during the ceremony,” I certainly could have taken some before, after, or during the reception! Oh well, the day will have to live on in our memories. We only knew the groom, and it was great to see him after so many years, and to meet his wife. He exuded joy and we feel fortunate to have been able to celebrate the day with him. We ate, chatted with the misfits at the miscellaneous friends table, and we danced.

I volunteered to serve food for the community dinner during the night market Pugwash Farmers Market’s Salty Dog Festival on Thanksgiving weekend. Two +1 performed on Saturday afternoon, but the weather wasn’t very cooperative and we had to cut it short due to rain. It could have been worse, I suppose – the festival was originally scheduled for weekend Fiona hit! I think that will be our last gig for while. My folks are heading south for a few months after Christmas, so there may not be any more shows until next summer.

Our first Indigenous Box arrived this month and we were absolutely delighted!

The Airbnb is officially off the market now until next summer. The owners decided to offer it as a 6 month rental for the winter, and a local young couple is moving in. I can’t imagine having the sunset suite as my first apartment! I remember the crappy 2-bdrm on Bellamy Hill I shared with a good friend from high school (and her boyfriend) when I first moved to Edmonton from Peace River. Worlds apart!

Full Moon October 9, 2022
Full Moon October 9, 2022

I’m trying something new with the format of the love letter this month. What did you think?

And are you getting up to anything for Hallowe’en this year? Aldon and I will probably be hanging out at home with the lights off! ? ?

If you dressed up, I’d love to see your costume. Send pics!


  1. I LOVE reading your love letters! And your photos are stellar! So good to see your sweet faces and hear about what you’ve been up to. Wasn’t I supposed to have you over here for dinner a couple of months ago? Time! If I were given three wishes, I would wish for time, money and more wishes.
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Ohhh my dear sister. It’s been so so long since we have given each other a hug. One day! Bucket list wish !
    Love you and miss you

  3. Len and I enjoy reading your news and keeping in touch! Your picture-taking skills are evident and it looks like you have found some really interesting subjects! Take good care….hugs, Jenn and Len

  4. love reading your updates and seeing where you went and what your doing.
    love your favourite uncle.

  5. I look forward to these Love Letters every month. Is always great to hear about the nonsense you and B. get up too out on the coast and makes me wish I could visit sooner.