Two +1

In the summer of 2021 we moved back to Nova Scotia and started playing music with my dad. When my aunt asked us to play at her workplace, she said we needed a band name and christened our trio “Two +1”

After lots of practice we debuted at the Bordertown Jam which led to another gig and so on…


24one was a challenge put on by the Edmonton International Film Festival.

On a Saturday in early fall, teams have 24 hours to produce a short film (under 6 mintues). We’re given a genre, a phrase and a prop, and let loose to create! All films must be submitted by 11:00am the following day. The top 10 films were previewed live on the big screen, followed by awards.

I was thrilled when my incredibly talented friends asked if I would join them for their second 24one submission.

I joined TAVC (Team Awesome Video Club) in 2010 and we were proud to make the top 10 screening all 5 years we entered.

EIFF 24one 2010

Genre: Comedy

Phrase: “Reel. And fabulous!”

Prop: $5 to spend at the Farmers’ Market

Award: Marsha Amanova for Best Actress

EIFF 24one 2011

Genre: Western

Phrase: “Pretty in Pink”

Prop: a small gold trophy

Award: Marsha Amanova for Best Actress

EIFF 24one 2012

Genre: Silent Film

Phrase: “You can’t defend the corner route”

Prop: a bag of marshmallows


EIFF 24one 2013

Genre: Any     Theme: Thanksgiving

Phrase: “I hope it’s not too dry.”

Prop: a pumpkin pie

EIFF 24one 2014

Genre: Any

Phrase: “You can’t always be a leading lady.”

Prop: Confetti Cannon