I was thrilled when my incredibly talented friends asked if I would join them for their second 24one submission.

24one was a challenge put on by the Edmonton International Film Festival.

On a Saturday in early fall, teams have 24 hours to produce a short film (under 6 mintues). We’re given a genre, a phrase and a prop, and let loose to create! All films must be submitted by 11:00am the following day. The top 10 films were previewed live on the big screen, followed by awards.

I joined TAVC (Team Awesome Video Club) in 2010 and we were proud to make the top 10 screening each year we entered.

EIFF 24one 2010

Genre: Comedy

Phrase: “Reel. And fabulous!”

Prop: $5 to spend at the Farmers’ Market

Award: Marsha Amanova for Best Actress

EIFF 24one 2011

Genre: Western

Phrase: “Pretty in Pink”

Prop: a small gold trophy

Award: Marsha Amanova for Best Actress

EIFF 24one 2012

Genre: Silent Film

Phrase: “You can’t defend the corner route”

Prop: a bag of marshmallows


EIFF 24one 2013

Genre: Any     Theme: Thanksgiving

Phrase: “I hope it’s not too dry.”

Prop: a pumpkin pie

EIFF 24one 2014

Genre: Any

Phrase: “You can’t always be a leading lady.”

Prop: Confetti Cannon