Fridge Magnet Poetry

by | Dec 16, 2020

I may not participate in most of the so-called social mediums, but that doesn’t meant that I don’t spend time doing silly things online.

One of my recent faves is

Each day a new set of words is presented, displayed as a virtual fridge magnet poetry set. You drag and drop a set number of words and then post it to the public board. You can scroll through what others have posted and vote for your favourites.

I think what I enjoy so much about it is that it is a creative exercise with a specific task and built-in restrictions. The objective is simple: create a short collection of words from this word list.

So, maybe I could make this work for me in a broader sense. Could I set up other practices or exercises with specific guidelines?

I find it difficult to write every day when I’m not sure what to write about. Writing prompts might work. Something to consider, certainly.