Earth Day 2019

It's hard to be grateful in times of crisis. And make no mistake, we are in the midst of an environmental crisis. We have been for a long time, and denying the existence of something real won't make it go…


Business Time

Let 2019 be known as the year I started a business. And let me say upfront, I probably have no business starting a business. I am not a business person. And since my "business" is really just me, I should…


Make a Habit of Showing Up

You* can't play if you don't show up. And you won't get better if you don't practice. First: show up. Be there. Commit. I will show up every week. Make it a habit. Make it obvious. Make it easy. Log…


Birthday AF (After Facebook)

If you get a year older and nobody notices, do you still age? One of the main activities that users engage in on Facebook is wishing people on their friends' list a "Happy Birthday." It's often cited as an actual…

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Unsolicited Advice

My alma mater put out a request for Alumni to handwrite some encouraging postcards that can then be given to students throughout the school year. This I can do. I don’t have money to donate, but words? I’ve got a…


Homemade Vegan Pepperoni

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza? Yes, please! It's time for the first instalment of what I'm making for dinner: Vegan Pepperoni Pizza! We love homemade pizza and I make it almost every week. And when I say homemade, I'm not kidding around.…


Practicing Meditation

For ten minutes every morning I sit cross-legged on a cushion on my living room floor. If I’m cold I wrap a cozy blanket around my shoulders. I put on my headphones and launch my meditation app. Sometimes I play…


DIY Toothpaste Alternative

I stopped using toothpaste over a year ago.   WHAT?! Hold on, I didn't say I stopped brushing my teeth, I just stopped using toothpaste.   WHY?! Good question, pretend person, thank you for asking! Why I stopped buying toothpaste…


Dis / Courage

This year I promised myself I would write. No matter how painful it is, I am going to write and post here at least once a week. And here I am, on the final day of the first week of…

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