Love Letter November 2022

by | Nov 30, 2022

Remember, Remember the fifth of November… I got Wordle in 1!

Dare to Dream

I used to play daily, but that hasn’t happened for ages, so I feel particularly lucky that I just so happened to play on the day when the word I always use first finally came up! Now I don’t know what to do with myself.

When I pick up my phone these days I open a book. It seems like every fall I fall in love with reading again. And with the recent take-down of my go-to pirate book site, I’m back at the library. With pleasure! It feels good to be an upstanding (mostly) reader again.

The Libby app has made some great updates since I used it last, and I’m thrilled that I’m still able to use my library card from Edmonton (and by that I mean, it works. I’m not sure if I’m “allowed.” Please don’t rat me out!) as well as a new one here in Pugwash – where they are finishing up a new library building in the village. Hooray for Public Libraries!

Let’s see… what else happened this month. I didn’t take very many photos, so not much, I guess!

On the 8th I decided to get up and go out before dawn to catch the lunar eclipse. It was crazy windy and cold! I had a hard time holding still to nab photos and had to wait until there was a bit more light.

Lunar Eclipse November 8, Pugwash NS

Winter is coming, but it’s not here yet. We’ve had a wee bit of snow, but it didn’t even last a day. The cold wind is starting to get to me though. It blows right through you (it’s no place for the old)!

I filled in for the Pugwash Farmers’ Market Manager at the Outdoor Festive Market on November 19th. It was chilly, but the sun was out and there was miraculously no wind. Aldon brought the holiday tunes and kept me company. I already know a lot of the vendors so it was a pretty day! I’m also covering the “Christmas by the Sea” market this weekend, but it will be indoors (at the high school).

I’ve been busier with work than usual, but everything is humming along just fine out here. Aldon has big news of his own. He was accepted into the SEB (Self-Employment Benefits) Program this month, which provides financial and business support for entrepreneurial folks creating their own work. He’s planning a production company and wants to bring events to the North Shore of Nova Scotia. It will be a challenge to be profitable in this (very rural) area, but I know he’s got what it takes, and I’m super excited to see how it develops. Stay tuned!

As usual, you can comment here or send me an email. Love from me to you and yours ?

Marsha Amanova November 2022