by | May 30, 2012

This post was imported from an old wordpress.com blog I used to have.

My heart is an M&M
One of many in a little glass bowl
Placed on a coffee table.
Pick me!

I’ve been nibbled at, chewed up, sucked on
I’ve been peanut and plain
I’ve been red, yellow and green.
I’ll melt in your mouth.

I am a blue dark chocolate M&M
You want to bite into me, devour me, taste me
But I’m the last one in the bowl.
Saved? Overlooked? Unwanted?

Exercising patience you pick me up
Place me in the palm of your hand
Turn me over, studying my m.
Your fingers turn blue.

I soften at your touch
Your heat and the pressure
My shell begins to crack.
Will you still want me if I’m damaged?

Pop me in your mouth
Savour me, feel me, know me
I want to experience you from the inside.
I am not afraid.