My Birthday 2020

by | Mar 20, 2020

Yesterday was my birthday!

I’m not one for parties or big celebrations anyway, but it was an extra-quiet birthday this year with everyone self-isolating and social distancing…

My love was off work for the day so we took a drive up to the Northumberland Strait (still mostly frozen) to Cape Jourimain so I could launch my little cloud kite for the first time.

I received this beautiful and functional handmade work of art near Christmas, but struggled to get the motivation to try it out over the winter.

When I discovered that the first day of spring would fall on my birthday this year, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try something new.

The day dawned with no wind (pretty unusual around these parts), but there was a bit of a breeze when we set out and I felt optimistic that there would be enough, and it was.

What a joy!

I look forward to taking this beauty out for many more flights this spring and summer. Kite flying just might be the perfect antidote to feeling cooped up and isolated.

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Hi! I'm Marsha.

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