How to Spend a Sunny Saturday in Sackville, NB

by | Jun 2, 2019

It’s not always sunny in Sackville, especially on a Saturday in early June. So when it is, get the heck out there and enjoy it!

8:30am Coffee.

We’re not barbarians.

9:00am Hit the local Yard Sales.

If you’re lucky, you have a local friend who is something of a garage sale speculator. He may have already done research on the sale locations and made a tentative map. All the fun and none of the planning! On the downside, said friend might wish you would drink your coffee faster so as to be at the sales when they open. But if they’re a good friend they will understand your Saturday morning sluggishness and forgive you for it. This week, anyway.

10:30am Sackville Farmers’ Market!

If you are lucky you will not be too late for a loaf of Esser’s amazing rye bread, but the chocolate croissants are probably gone by now. 🙁 You’ve got to hit the market early if you’re going to be particular. However, there’s always a lot of delicious food at this market. Bring your own containers! We also scored some local craft blueberry soda, spring greens and a bunch of kale. What’s a farmers’ market without kale?

11:00am More Yard Sales?

There might be nothing good left this late, but it’s still a lovely day for a drive!

12:00pm Break for Brunch

The Black Duck Cafe has great coffee and delicious eats, whether you want baked goods, breakfast or lunch. The emphasis is on local, fresh and healthy. Put your phone down and gaze out the windows at the garden in the “device-free zone” in the back.

1:00pm Walk the Waterfowl Park

My favourite place in town. Hold hands. Look and listen for the wide variety of different birds. Say hello to the other folks strolling the paths. Keep an eye out for stealth art, and watch for the gaggles of geese with their adorable goslings!

2:00pm Beer Garden at Bagtown

What’s better than local craft beer around a pallet table with friends? Check out Bagtown Brewing Company’s new beer garden, or take a break in the shady screened-in/out section. Grab a growler fill and enjoy more beer at home!

3:30pm Walk home and enjoy the rest of the day.

By the time we got home we had enough sun and opted for a board game. Everyone was too tired to think about cooking, so we ended up ordering pizza, but next time, I think a BBQ is in order!