Fuck SEO

I'm such a dummy sometimes. I find myself doing things I'm supposed to do, and then when I take a minute to examine my actions I realize that I am doing something I should with no real reason to do…



I am full of thoughts. Some are nice, some are mean, many are silly. My thoughts make up a huge part of who I am. They determine how I interact with the world, even though the world never has access…


Cultivate Your Inbox

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's overwhelmed by the amount of garbage online. The trash I'm talking about is the must-see click-bait, latest thing, buzzword bullshit.


Earth Day 2019

It's hard to be grateful in times of crisis. And make no mistake, we are in the midst of an environmental crisis. We have been for a long time, and denying the existence of something real won't make it go…


Business Time

Let 2019 be known as the year I started a business. And let me say upfront, I probably have no business starting a business. I am not a business person. And since my "business" is really just me, I should…


Make a Habit of Showing Up

You* can't play if you don't show up. And you won't get better if you don't practice. First: show up. Be there. Commit. I will show up every week. Make it a habit. Make it obvious. Make it easy. Log…


Birthday AF (After Facebook)

If you get a year older and nobody notices, do you still age? One of the main activities that users engage in on Facebook is wishing people on their friends' list a "Happy Birthday." It's often cited as an actual…

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